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All Fuji Nozzles available for each series of machines, 
please contact us with your requirements & our latest prices.
FUJI NXT Nozzles  
Part NumberDescription
AA056Nozzle, H08/H12, 0.4mm
AA057DNozzle, H08/H12, 0.7mm (Diamond Tip)
AA057CNozzle, H08/H12, 0.7mm (Ceramic Tip)
AA058DNozzle, H08/H12, 1.0mm (Diamond Tip)
AA058CNozzle, H08/H12, 1.0mm (Ceramic Tip)
AA20ADNozzle, H08/H12, 1.3mm (Diamond Tip)
AA20ACNozzle, H08/H12, 1.3mm (Ceramic Tip)
AA064Nozzle, H08/H12, 1.3mm MELF
AA20BNozzle, H08/H12, 1.8mm
AA20CNozzle, H08/H12, 2.5mm
AA20DNozzle, H08/H12, 3.75mm
AA06WNozzle, H04, 1.3mm (Diamond Tip)
AA06XDNozzle, H04, 1.3mm (Diamond Tip)
AA06XDCNozzle, H04, 1.3mm (Diamond Coated Tip)
AA06YNozzle, H04, 1.8mm
AA07ANozzle, H04, 3.75mm

AA07FNozzle, H04, 2.5mm (Rubber Pad)
AA07GNozzle, H04, 3.75mm (Rubber Pad)
AA07HNozzle, H04, 5.0mm (Rubber Pad)
AA0AXNozzle, H01, 1.3mm (Diamond Tip)
AA0HSNozzle, H01, 1.8mm
AA085Nozzle, H01, 3.75mm (Rubber Pad)
AA072Nozzle, H01, 5.0mm (Rubber Pad)
AA080Nozzle, H01, 7.0mm
AA076Nozzle, H01, 20.0mm (Rubber Pad)
NXTFH01AFilter NXT H01 Grade A
NXTFH01BFilter NXT H01 Grade B
NXTFH04A     Filter NXT H04/H08 Grade A
NXTFH04BFilter NXT H04/H08 Grade B
NXTFH12AFilter NXT H12 Grade A
NXTFH12BFilter NXT H12 Grade B
FUJI CP7 / 8 Series Nozzles 
Part NumberProduct Description
ADCPH-9510Nozzle, 0.4mm, 8mm Disc
ADCPH-9520Nozzle, 0.7mm, 8mm Disc
ADCPH-9530Nozzle, 1.0mm, 8mm Disc
ADCPH-9540Nozzle, 1.3mm, 8mm Disc
ADCPH-9530MNozzle, 1.3mm Melf Type, 8mm Disc
ADCPH-9550Nozzle, 1.8mm, 16mm Disc
ADCPH-9560Nozzle, 2.5mm, 16mm Disc
ADCPH-9560MNozzle, 2.5mm Melf Type, 16mm Disc
ADCPH-9570Nozzle, 3.7mm, 16mm Disc
ADCPH-9580Nozzle, 5.0mm, 16mm Disc
DCPH-0630Filter CP7
DGPK-1481Cutter Moving Blade
DGPK-0050Cutter Fixed Blade
 FUJICP6  Series Nozzles
Part NumberProduct Description
AWPH-9702Nozzle, 0.4mm, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9720Nozzle, 0.4mm Tappered Tip, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9510Nozzle, 0.7mm, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9730Nozzle, 0.7mm Tappered Tip, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9520Nozzle, 1.0mm, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9530Nozzle, 1.3mm, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9540MNozzle, 1.3mm Melf Type, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9550Nozzle, 1.8mm, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9550MNozzle, 1.8mm Melf Type, 12mm Disc
AWPH-9560Nozzle, 2.5mm, 16mm Disc
AWPH-9560MNozzle, 2.5mm Melf Type, 16mm Disc
AWPH-9570Nozzle, 3.7mm, 16mm Disc
AWPH-9580Nozzle, 2.5mm, 20mm Disc
AWPH-9590MNozzle, 2.5mm Melf Type, 20mm Disc
AWPH-9600 Nozzle, 3.7mm, 20mm Disc
AWPH-9610Nozzle, 5.0mm, 20mm Disc (Sq.)
AWPH-9660Nozzle, 5.0mm, 22mm Disc (Sq. Bending)
AWPH-9670Nozzle, 5.0mm, 22mm Disc (Black Sq. Bending)
AWPH-9680Nozzle, 7.0mm, 22mm Disc (Sq. Bending)

Nozzle, 7.0mm, 22mm Disc (Black Sq. Bending)

AYPH-9510Nozzle, 7.0mm, 29mm Disc (Sq.)
AYPH-9520Nozzle, 7.0mm, 29mm Disc (Black Sq.)
AYPH-9530Nozzle, 10.0mm, 29mm Disc (Black Sq.)

CP6 Filter

CP6 SpringNozzle Spring CP6
WPK-0311Cutter Moving Blade
WPK-0240Cutter Fixed Blade
 FUJIIP3 Nozzles  
Part NumberDescription
AQNA-3110Nozzle, 0.7 x 10.0 x 26
AQNA-3120Nozzle, 1.0 x 10.0 x 26
AQNA-3130Nozzle, 1.3 x 31* x 26
AQNA-3140Nozzle, 1.8 x 31* x 26
AQNA-3150Nozzle, 2.5 x 31* x 26
AQNA-3160Nozzle, 3.75 x 31* x 26
AQNA-3170Nozzle, 7.0 x 31* x 26
AQNA-3180Nozzle, 10.0 x 52* x 26
AQNA-3190Nozzle, 15.0 x 62* x 26
AQNA-3200Nozzle, 20.0 x 102* x 26
AQNA-3210Nozzle, 7.0 x 31* x 16
AQNA-3220Nozzle, 10.0 x 52* x 16
AQNA-3230Nozzle, 15.0 x 62* x 16
AQNA-3240Nozzle, 20.0 x 102* x 16
AQNA-3250Nozzle, 7.0 x 31* x 11
AQNA-3260Nozzle, 10.0 x 52* x 11
AQNA-3270Nozzle, 15.0 x 62* x 11
AQNA-3280Nozzle, 20.0 x 102* x 11
AQNA-3290Nozzle, 3.75 x 52* x 26
AQNA-3300Nozzle, 7.0 x 52* x 26
AQNA-3310Nozzle, 10.0 x 62* x 26
AQNA-3320Nozzle, 15.0 x 102* x 26
AQNA-3330Nozzle, 6.5 x 52* x 26
 FUJIQP242 Nozzles  
Part NumberProduct Description
ABHPN-6215Nozzle, 1.0 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6225Nozzle, 1.3 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6235Nozzle, 1.8 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6246Nozzle, 2.5 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6256Nozzle, 3.75 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6276Nozzle, 7.0 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6286Nozzle, 10.0 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6296Nozzle, 15.0 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6306Nozzle, 20.0 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6334Nozzle, 0.7 x R30 x 27
ABHPN-6348Nozzle, 10.0 x R30 x 18.5, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6703Nozzle, 17.5 x R30 x 27, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6716Nozzle, 2.5 x R30 x 27, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6755Nozzle, 6.5 x R30 x 18.5, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6765Nozzle, 7.0 x R30 x 18.5
ABHPN-6775Nozzle, 10.0 x R30 x 18.5
ABHPN-6785Nozzle, 15.0 x R30 x 18.5
ABHPN-6795Nozzle, 20.0 x R30 x 18.5
ABHPN-6805Nozzle, 15.0 x R30 x 27, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6814Nozzle, 7.0 x R30 x 10
ABHPN-6824Nozzle, 10.0 x R30 x 10
ABHPN-6834Nozzle, 15.0 x R30 x 10
ABHPN-6844Nozzle, 20.0 x R30 x 10
ABHPN-6852Nozzle, 5.0 x R30 x 27, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-6893Nozzle, 8.0 x R30 x 27, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-8512Nozzle, 0.7 x S12 x 10
ABHPN-8522Nozzle, 1.0 x S12 x 10
ABHPN-8532Nozzle, 1.3 x S12 x 10
ABHPN-8542Nozzle, 1.8 x S12 x 10
ABHPN-8553Nozzle, 2.5 x S38 x 10
ABHPN-8563Nozzle, 2.5 x S38 x 10, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-8573Nozzle, 3.7 x S38 x 10
ABHPN-8584Nozzle, 6.5 x S47 x 10, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-8593Nozzle, 7.0 x S47 x 10
ABHPN-8603Nozzle, 10.0 x S47 x 10
ABHPN-8613Nozzle, 2.5 x S38 x 10, Black
ABHPN-8623Nozzle, 2.5 x S38 x 10, Black, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-8633Nozzle, 3.7 x S38 x 10, Black
ABHPN-8644Nozzle, 6.5 x S47 x 10, Black, Rubber Tip
ABHPN-8653Nozzle, 7.0 x S47 x 10, Black
ABHPN-8663Nozzle, 10.0 x S47 x 10, Black
FUJI GL Nozzle  
Part NumberProduct Description
AHRG-0670Disp. Nozzle, 2D/1S, p=1.3, g=0.15
AHRG-0696Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.2
AHRG-0700Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.3
AHRG-0830Disp. Nozzle, 2D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.1
AHRG-0857Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.0, g=0.1
AHRG-1320Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.0, g=0.1
AHRG-1331Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=1.2, g=0.3
AHRG-1350Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=1.2, g=0.15
AHRG-1351Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=1.2, g=0.4
AHRG-2012Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.1
AHRG-2021Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.1
AHRG-2031Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=1.2, g=0.15
AHRG-2040Disp. Nozzle, 1D/1S, p=0.8, g=0.15