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All Samsung Nozzles available for each series of machines, 
please contact us for our latest prices.
 SM Series Nozzles  
  Part Number Description
  CN020Nozzle, CN020 ( 0.2~0.5 ) 
CN040Nozzle, CN040 ( 0.5~1.25 )
CN065Nozzle, CN065 ( 0.8~2.5 )
CN140Nozzle, CN140 ( 2.5~4.0 )
CN220Nozzle, CN220 ( 4.0~7.0 )
CN400NNozzle, CN400N ( 7.0~10.0 ) 
CN750Nozzle, CN750 (10.0~ )
CN110Nozzle, CN110 ( 20.0~ )
  CP40-C (V) Series Nozzles 
  Part Number Description
N03Nozzle, N030
N045Nozzle, N045
N045Nozzle, N045, Carbide
N06Nozzle, N06
N06Nozzle, N06, Carbide
N08Nozzle, N08
N08Nozzle, N08, Carbide
N14Nozzle, N14
N14Nozzle, N14, Carbide
N24Nozzle, N24
N40Nozzle, N40
N75Nozzle, N75
N110Nozzle, N110
SSC40SPNSpecial Nozzle for Connector
SSC40BCABellows Comp. Assy
SSC40FLTRFilter, Nozzle
  CP4 Series Nozzles 
Part NumberDescription
TN03Nozzle, TN03, Ceramic
TN04Nozzle, TN04, Ceramic
TN05Nozzle, TN05, Ceramic
TN065Nozzle, TN065 Ceramic
TN08Nozzle, TN08, Ceramic
TN14Nozzle, TN14
TN22Nozzle, TN22
TN40Nozzle, TN40
TN75Nozzle, TN75
TN110Nozzle, TN110
SSC45SPNSpecial Nozzle for Connector
SSC45BCABellows Comp. Assy
SSC45FLTRFilter, Nozzle
  CP45-NEO Series Nozzle 
  Part Number Description
CN030Nozzle, CN030, Ceramic
CN040Nozzle, CN040, Ceramic
CN065Nozzle, CN065, Ceramic
CN070Nozzle, CN070, Ceramic
CN080Nozzle, CN080, Ceramic
CN110Nozzle, CN110
CN140Nozzle, CN140
CN220Nozzle, CN220
CN400NNozzle, CN400N
CN750Nozzle, CN750
CN1100Nozzle, CN1100
SSC45NSPNSpecial Nozzle for Connector
SSC45FBHABellows Head Assy
SSC45FBCABellows Comp. Assy
SSC45FFLTRFilter, Nozzle
DP-20 Series Nozzles
Part NumberDescription
SSD201608Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=0.8
SSD202125Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.0
SSD203216Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.2
SSD20-ICDisp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=2.0