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Technical, Service & Spare Part Support Provided by S.M.E UK

Typical Applications:

·        Laboratory use for qualification and to test soldering processes. Establishing temperature profiles.

·        Reliable SMT soldering of single assemblies.

·        Quality control of solder pastes and printed circuit boards.

·        Assembly repairs, de-soldering and re-soldering of components.


·        Branded electrical controlling parts make sure machine running stable!

·        Touch screen interface, 2 thermocouple port for profiling

Lifting system:

·        Stepper motor drive strip to controlling the height of carrier

·        Moving speed and stopping time can be set in touch screen

Lifting Carrier:

·        The carrier system are made of synthetic stone, it can stand high temperature meanwhile it will absorb less heat than metal.

·        The support bars of PCB can be taken off manually from the frame; this will be very helpful when it’s necessary to do maintenance of tank.

Cooling system:

·        Chillers will send cold water to black radiator which installed at both side of tank. As below picture.

Blower will send air via 4 red pipes to machine when PCB arrive cooling zone.

VP- 450 Machine Specs

Overall dimension                                                          870mm*870mm*1150mm

Power supply                                                                  1phase 220v 50 hz/60hz

Air supply                                                                        3~5 BAR

General power                                                                3.2kw

Normal consumption                                                     Approx 0.6--1.2KW

Max PCB                                                                         450mm x 450mm

Controlling system                                                         Touch Screen + PLC

Temperature controlling                                                PID closed-loopSSR drive


Process Temp (depend on                                            100 to 300C degree

Medium type)

Liquid agent filling (min)                                               3kg

Liquid agent filling (max)                                              9kg

Lifter driving system                                                       Stepper motor

Lifting method                                                                 Strip rolling

         Material of tank                                                               Sus